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Brand Besties logo in full color

Project Overview:, a leading fashion brand catering to the Gen-Z audience, sought a creative and engaging way to connect with college students across 19 campuses in the East Coast and South. Brand Besties embarked on a mission to collaborate on creating a memorable and interactive experience, bringing the brand's vibrant and trendy image directly to students.


Services Provided:

  • Recruit Student Ambassadors
  • Coordinated Casting
  • On-Site Team Lead
  • Tour Staffing Coordination

key results:

The Pink Paradise on Wheels by was a transformed bus that became an instant campus attraction. Branded to perfection, it featured a massive unicorn atop its structure, drawing attention and sparking conversations at every stop. Offering immersive experiences, students engaged with the brand's clothing, snapped selfies, and enjoyed classic tailgate games, fostering a lively atmosphere. Additionally, exclusive merchandise was up for grabs, motivating students to participate in various challenges, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation throughout the activation.

the power of creative brand activations

The College Campus Tour successfully engaged with thousands of college students across 19 campuses. The activation created buzz and excitement, drawing students in with its unique and visually striking pink paradise.

Through interactive experiences, exclusive merchandise opportunities, and a strong brand presence, strengthened its connection with the Gen-Z audience and left a lasting impression on college campuses.
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