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As the purchasing power of younger generations grows, so does their commitment towards supporting “do-good” missions. Consumers are more dedicated now than ever towards causes and the companies and organizations that care about them. 

This altruistic aspect of society is something to be considered in experiential marketing. Of the years Brand Besties has been working in this business, the need for authenticity and connection only continues to grow. We believe in empowering one another to thrive, which begins with genuine connection and collaboration. As well as brands, we pride itself on supporting community and humanitarian causes. 

For mission-driven companies and organizations, a community-centered outreach program is a transparent way to make authentic connections and share your mission. Our nationwide teams are made up of leaders and influencers eager to spread goodwill in their communities. 

Step 1: What’s your goal?

Start your community outreach program with a situational analysis of your issue and campaign. Your existing marketing assets will need to be developed into understandable, conversational topics. It is important that you define all grey areas and answer all questions before sending ambassadors out into the field. 

Now, you need to define your strategy. What is the audience that you want to reach, and where can you find them? Start creating relationships with leaders in your niche and partnerships with aligned companies and events. 

What will your community engagements look like? Determine how success will be measured. Are you seeking signups, event attendance, or authentic conversations? 

Step 2: Hire your outreach team.

Hiring the right team for your community outreach program is crucial for the success of your campaign. Examine who your target audience is, and decide the attributes in an ambassador that would best reach them. Choose the background, skills, and personality you are looking for.

For a public outreach campaign in Texas dealing with public transportation, we created a team made up of passionate, outgoing, bilingual bus riders between the ages of 24 and 32 years old. Ambassadors with these attributes were able to relate to our targeted community and approach and engage them in a way that felt authentic and engaging. 

Make sure that you ask the right questions to your prospective team members. Find out how well they know your community and whether they have the attributes and skills to engage with them. 

Once you have formed your team, you need to educate them. This step cannot be overemphasized. The more your brand ambassadors understand your campaign, the better they can translate your mission and call community members to take interest and action. 

Step 3: Track your program

You are not done as soon as you send your team to the streets. Community outreach is a continuous process that requires analysis, feedback, and changes in order to return rich results. 

Our best tips for tracking your program:

  • Encourage ambassadors to ask for feedback on the issues that your campaign is addressing. Utilize your community activations as a focus group to gain insights you cannot get from a digital campaign. 
  • Require your ambassadors to turn in a report after each event, detailing feedback and attendance and asking for photos. 
  • Send secret shoppers into the field to hold your brand ambassadors accountable. 

Step 4: Encourage, embrace, empower BAs

Build pride and passion in your ambassadors by updating them on campaign results. Knowing the results will empower them and encourage them to remain with your campaign to make more impacts in the community. 

Provide incentives to high performing brand ambassadors by boosting their hourly rates and promoting team leaders. Your brand ambassadors will feel valued and proud to be part of your campaign.

Ready to start your community outreach program? Contact Brand Besties to find the best ambassadors in your community. 


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