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Branded events, tradeshows, pop-ups, conferences, and street team activations provide great opportunities to meet with prospective clients and customers. Teams planning events and activations tend to focus primarily on logistics and objectives, which are fundamental to putting on any function. But, just as important is the execution of the event itself, particularly your event’s environment and day-of staff. 

Creating engaging experiences, choosing high-quality staff, and continuing to connect with your audience, will generate maximum impact for events and create long-lasting brand connections with guests. 

Share-worthy activations

Every event coordinator wants their brand or activation to go viral. It is a dream to see your product or service circulating social media discussions and rising to the front of consumers’ minds. 

Creating a viral activation is dependent on the number of people who share it. Generate word-of-mouth buzz and social media recaps through Instagram-worthy environments, unique experiences, and compelling stories. 

A beautiful backdrop is nice, but you can create even more meaning by immersing your audience in your brand. Glossier’s pop-ups feature larger-than-life products, rolling hills of live moss, and hands that spray perfume on you from a hole in the wall. They successfully bring the experience of the direct-to-consumer online brand to fans around the country. If you’re on social media, you have likely seen photo after photo of brand enthusiasts sharing their visits. 

We’re not suggesting that you start planting live moss in your event space. Keep your scenery on brand--think of who you are as a company, what the goal is of your campaign, and activate with distinctive props, backdrops, and experiences. This will create an environment that not only is worthy of a photo but drives a deeper understanding of your brand that is worth sharing. 

Choosing The Right Brand Ambassador

The quality of an event is only as good as the competence of the team executing it. Your internal employees are essential to the planning phase but likely will not have the bandwidth or niche skillset to provide all of the day-of support that your event requires. 

Smart, professional brand ambassadors can bring your event to fruition, and create an impact even bigger than you had conceived. 

Knowing what you want in a brand ambassador is half of the work. It is wise to choose staff that has engaging personalities, experience working similar events, and possess qualities relatable to your event’s guests. What value is the brand ambassador adding to your event? Assess your needs, objectives, and audience before beginning the recruiting process. 

A staffing agency can also help you evaluate the impact that a brand ambassador can add to your activation. Brand Besties can gauge your needs and choose high-impact, experienced staff that is the perfect fit for your brand and event. Contact us here or get a quote

Encourage Brand Besties to Share on Social Media

Brand Besties are not only your event staff but brand ambassadors--and this does not have to end once they leave the event. Treat your staff well and give them the same meaningful experience that you create for your customers. If your brand ambassador believes in your brand, you can encourage them to share what they think on their own social platforms. 

Don’t Stop with One Event

A series of small activations can often create an impact larger than one big event. By continuously placing yourself in a community, you are building brand recognition and showing your audience that you are invested in gaining their loyalty and creating an authentic connection. 

Every brand needs a Bestie, and we want to be yours! Use Brand Besties for your nationwide staffing needs.

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