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Marketing is a crucial part of any business’s arsenal and branding is an important part of marketing. As technology continues to advance, the way marketing has taken shape has also changed.

Brand awareness is an important tool, often driven by social media advertising. A company can promote a brand exceptionally well on image-driven sites like Instagram or Pinterest, and having well-known brand ambassadors who will endorse or advertise a product can make a huge difference. That’s part of the reason you might see celebrities on ads, promoting a hair care product or a type of insurance -- people know their faces and want to emulate them. That’s powerful advertising. But how can you find promotional brand ambassadors? Using brand ambassador agencies can be an excellent place to start.

What Are Brand Ambassadors?

As mentioned above, brand ambassadors are responsible for promoting or endorsing a certain type of product or service. They may do this virtually, via advertisements in magazines, on TV, social media, or other mediums. However, they may also attend promotional events, which have a high success rate. Indeed, a 2016 survey found that almost three-quarters of respondents were more likely to buy a product that was promoted at a live event, versus a TV ad or other type of impersonal advertising.

Product ambassadors might be celebrities in some cases, but in other cases, it might be someone with a strong online presence, good marketing skills, a high level of professionalism, and someone builds good relationships with people easily and quickly. A brand ambassador should come across as trustworthy, friendly, and showcase a little bit of sparkle to get people interested and involved. In some cases, “influencers” on social media might be recruited to be a brand ambassador if their following is significant enough.

How Do Brand Ambassadors Help Move My Product?
Promo models and brand ambassadors help bring name recognition to a product or service. They might demonstrate how it works, share a personal story about how it helped them or improved their quality of life, and persuade people to try the product or service. For celebrities, many people aspire to be like them and so will eagerly purchase or try products or services that the celebrity is perceived as using or trusting.

They may also strengthen the brand of your product. The ambassadors have to know what they’re selling or pitching to people, so the brand needs to be well defined. And, in some cases, the brand might end up being closely tied to the ambassador who is affiliated with it.

Even in our digital age, word of mouth matters and brand ambassadors can help provide positive referrals and boost traffic to your website or physical location. In some cases, they may be able to tackle any negative reviews or concerns about the product or brand and boost your online credentials. And they can also help broaden your audience, by targeting areas that you’re not based in or previously didn’t have a foothold in.

How Do Brand Ambassador Agencies Work?

Brand ambassador agencies may employ all kinds of people who work in the promotional field. From trade show models to brand ambassadors or brand models. If a business is looking for a reputable and established brand ambassador, they need only to turn to the right agency with the specifications of what they’re looking for. The agency will facilitate payments, contracts, manage accounts, and act as a liaison between the brand ambassador and the company that needs the extra exposure.

Whether you need something short term or long term, brand ambassador agencies can help. From a promotional model at an event to a brand ambassador in the technology field, the agency probably has you covered and can discuss your specific needs if you request a quote.

Get your business out there with the help of brand ambassadors and see your sales get a nice boost! The long-term effects of a brand ambassador are nothing to sneeze at.

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