Leprechaun Hard Cider in Texas- check out our Case Study!

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The Need

Leprechaun Cider started in Houston in 2011. As the beverage market in Texas was a competitive one, and cider lagged behind other beverages in terms of consumption, owner Jake Schiffer and the rest of his team needed a creative way to bring awareness to his innovative cider brand, while also driving sales and growth to show that stores were buying Leprechaun Cider.

Why Did Leprechaun Cider Hire Brand Besties for Their Experiential Marketing Experience?

Leprechaun Cider was one month into their business, and needed to make a splash in the Texas market in a big way. Brand Besties made them a promise that we would recruit and hire a field staff that matched their unique brand personality and execute an experiential marketing strategy that could help enhance the customer experience at grocery samplings and off-premise sponsorship events, leading to more business and exposure.

Schiffer decided to hire Brand Besties in September 2011, citing the “punctuality, attractiveness, and outgoing persona of Brand Bestie ambassadors at other launches and events”.

The Brand Besties Plan

Brand Besties undertook a comprehensive multi-city brand marketing strategy to promote and creating growth for the Leprechaun Cider brand.

The plan included:

  • Forty Brand Ambassadors (10 per market)
  • Four Different Markets (Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston)
  • Three Leprechaun Cider Flavors (Pomegranate Cider, Dry Cider, Golden Cider)
  • Samplings in major grocery stores (HEB, Central Market, Whole Foods) and Liquor stores (Specs, Twin Liquors)

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