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In part one of our promotional event series, we talked about what to consider when planning your marketing event.

You want to consider how the marketing event will help you achieve your organization's business goals, create a strategy to reach those goals, and make sure your event's demographic matches your target audience.

Here, we'll go into detail about how you can maximize the production of your marketing event.

How can I maximize my marketing event?

First, if you're planning on filming your marketing event, you want to begin by creating a designated space for filming.

This allows you to set up everything you need to create a pseudo studio space complete with lighting and audio so you can ensure the moments you capture are high quality.

Second, make sure you're not only planning for the marketing event but also for before and after the event. You'll want to know where everything and everyone needs to be ahead of time and what will be happening after the event is officially over.

The more you've planned ahead for the actual set-up and take-down of the event, the less chaos you'll have to worry about later on.

Finally, brand ambassadors are great to include for your marketing event. This is because they provide additional event staffing while also taking care of your audience's customer experience.

When you hire event staffing, you'll be able to focus on managing your marketing event without having to worry about whether or not your employees are knowledgeable enough about your company and what your products and services are.

Brand ambassadors are trained in what your products and services are so they can provide a detailed description to your curious customers. An ambassador agency does this so you can focus your attention elsewhere during the event to ensure everything is going smoothly.

Looking for brand ambassadors for your marketing event?

Promotional events can have a major impact on your business and your brand awareness. In fact, 79% of consumers say they've researched a company after they've received a promotional product.

Brand ambassadors from event staffing agencies are a great way to make sure your customers are getting the most out of your marketing event. To learn more about how you can staff your promotional event with a brand experience agency, contact Brand Besties today.

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