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product ambassadorIn part one of our customer retention series, we talked about how your company needs to set goals and expectations early, and how highlighting case studies during your sales process can help you get a better understanding of your customers.


Here, in part two, we'll dive deeper into how you can create a roadmap for the future of your company's customer service experience to improve customer retention.


Creating a roadmap to improve your customer retention rate


The process of setting goals and highlighting case studies during your sales process are all part of creating a roadmap to improving your customer retention rate. It isn't enough to throw a smiling face at your customers and hope they'll come back to your company; you need to have a plan to get them to want to come back.


Take the time to create and revise a relationship roadmap with your customer success managers. This will help you to devise a plan for your customer-company relationship so you know what type of work your customers want and how you can reach their goals.


This roadmap will also help to keep your customer-company relationship from falling into a routine, which can not only get boring for the customer but may also lead them to believe that your business isn't motivated. By building in steps into your roadmap for projects and initiatives that you and your customers can get excited about, you can retain the success of your customer-company relationship.


Use product ambassadors for a customer service boost


One of the key secrets to customer retention is planning ahead. For instance, your employees won't be able to communicate your company's services and products accurately to customers if you haven't trained them how to do so off the cuff.


Brand ambassadors can give you the customer service you need at marketing events so you can focus on improving your customer service experience in-store.


Looking for product ambassadors to boost your customer retention?


Approximately 79% of marketers generate revenue and sales by using event marketing. But, it isn't enough to market your products to customers at events. Your staff needs to know the ins and outs of your products and services while providing great customer service to make your customers (and future customers) feel confident in your business.


Brand Besties has the product ambassadors you need to staff your promotional event and bring your brand to life. To learn more about how our promotional brand ambassador agency can help your business, contact Brand Besties today.

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