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Whether you are the owner of an established company or leading a startup through its very first adventures, your company needs people who can increase consumer awareness of your business. Your own team members can do great work boosting publicity through advertising efforts and offering great products and services, but sometimes, sticking with in-house promotion just isn't enough.


When a company's self-promotion plateaus, it might be time to re-engage customers through company presence in live events. Live events that require event staffing are precisely what brand ambassadors train for. But what is a brand ambassador?


What is a brand ambassador, anyway?


Brand ambassadors increase a business's consumer awareness and sales by representing a company or organization in a positive light at live events, trade shows, special talks, and more. Product ambassadors seek to embody the corporate identity of the company that hires them, emulating the right demeanor, values, and knowledge to help promote a business.

The term "brand ambassador" can actually refer to a variety of event staff, including trade show hosts, in-store promotional workers, models, and other sales expert. Essentially, event staff and ambassadors are "the face of the brand." No matter the role, a product ambassador seeks to improve the publicity and relevancy of a good, service, or company.

How can my business benefit from brand ambassadors?

Product ambassadors benefit your business in a variety of ways, including:


  1. Humanizing your brand at an event by connecting directly with audiences, often through fun and informative interactions
  2. Increasing your company's social reach by posting on social media and advertising your brand's presence at an event
  3. Creating a brand image that includes not only technical and informative content, but also real-life people who are passionate about a brand or product

By hiring brand ambassadors, you can ensure your company is portrayed in the best light possible to stand out, boost sales, and increase awareness of your services and products.

Where can I find the right brand ambassadors for my business?


The staffing industry provides career opportunities for more than 15 million Americans every year. With so many options to choose from, hiring the best for your company requires careful research.

If you're looking for trade show models, promotional brand ambassadors, or just advice about how to make your company stand out at live events, Brand Besties can help. For all of your promotional staffing needs at events throughout various cities in the United States, contact Brand Besties today.

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