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Project Overview:

Perrier, a leading sparkling water brand, aimed to make a significant impact at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival by strategically targeting the tech track and the music portion of the event. The primary goal was to distribute over 20,000 samples of Perrier to festival attendees.

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Services Provided:

  • Strategic Placement: The project involved strategically placing street teams and partnership drops at key locations within SXSW to maximize exposure and engagement.
  • Logistics Management: A critical aspect of the project was handling the logistics of getting all Perrier products to secure lockers and ensuring timely delivery to their designated drop locations each day.
  • Brand Ambassador Management: Our team managed and trained Brand Ambassadors who played a crucial role in promoting Perrier and ensuring a positive brand experience for attendees.
  • Uniform Creations: We designed and provided customized uniforms for the Brand Ambassadors to create a cohesive and eye-catching presence at the event.

key results reached

The Perrier activation at SXSW exceeded expectations and achieved remarkable results:

  • Over 10,000 cold samples of Perrier were successfully distributed across six days of activation.
  • The strategic placement of street teams and partnership drops generated high visibility and engagement, ensuring that Perrier reached its target audience effectively.
Perrier's strategic activation at SXSW showcased the brand's commitment to engaging with its target audience in a unique and memorable way. Through careful planning, logistics management, and a dedicated team of Brand Ambassadors, Perrier achieved outstanding results by distributing over 10,000 samples to festival attendees.

Brand Besties has sense management this experience for the last three years during SXSW

This case study highlights the effectiveness of strategic event planning, logistical coordination, and the power of on-the-ground promotion in creating a successful brand activation at a major event like SXSW. Perrier's presence at SXSW left a lasting impression and demonstrated the brand's commitment to innovation and engagement.
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