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Every company struggles with brand awareness. After all, if your target audience doesn't know about your company and what your business is doing then your business may as well not exist at all from a sales standpoint.

But no business struggles with brand awareness quite like start-ups. So how can you get your start-up noticed by new customers and potential investors when no one has heard of your business before?

Get social and stay social

One of the most common pieces of advice you'll hear from marketing experts is to get active on social media to boost your social engagement and interact with customers. But making a social media account, inviting your connections to like the page, and posting a few ads here and there won't get your start-up off the ground.

You need to stay engaged with your social media accounts. Oftentimes, businesses will leave their social media pages to collect dust. This can be problematic because it tells your potential customers that you don't care enough to stay up to date in all areas of your business.

What's more, the more engaged you are on social media the less likely your audience will be able to forget about your company.

Host a promotional event

While you're sprucing up your social media accounts, make a promotional event. Promotional events are a great way to introduce your business to a new audience and potential investors.

An estimated 79% of consumers researched a brand after receiving a promotional product at a business event. Promotional events give you the chance to tell the world who you are, what your business will do to solve a certain problem, and why potential consumers ought to choose your business.

Looking for some of the best promotional modeling agencies?

Traditional marketing may have you believe that the best way to get your startup noticed is by running a great TV ad. But approximately 93% of consumers have said that live events run by a certain brand have had a greater impact on them and their awareness of a brand than TV ads.

Brand Besties is one of the best promotional modeling agencies to use for your next big corporate or promotional event. To learn more about how our promotional brand ambassador agency and event staffing works or to set up an appointment to staff your promotional event, contact Brand Besties today.

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